In Defiance

Break time. Scarf 3 is 40% done but I'm physically exhausted so it's moving slowly and with great difficulty. The "zing" is there, but because I added warps in isolation, not in bunches, they look lonely. I knew this, but I forgot about it in the excitement of the moment I was planning the supplementary warps.

I'm weaving this draft. Which looked OK on paper.

Or so I thought. But in my sample, there are streaks of wefts that look like technical errors and if you look at the draft with that in mind, they're all over the place. I don't know much about lace weaves, but if these areas were larger, these might be considered the "crammed area inside a lace weave" to make them legit. I tried tampering with the draft, but I didn't like any of them. so I'm weaving against reason, in defiance, as a symbol against my recent troubles.

I think they look like the fat streaks in tussah silk cloths. (Streaks most visible in the mystery weft portion.)
I have 440cm left on this warp, and I hope to weave two pieces between 180-190cm long, each, and on this loom I usually end up with 60-80cm of loom waste. I'm staying with the skinny 60/2 cotton weft, which I didn't sample in this draft. Part of me knows this is insane, even if sampling allows me to get only one more piece from this warp. Part of me wanted o stop being so timid and give it a go, and that part won this morning.

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