Oh What A Change A Day Makes... (AM)

Boy, it was a productive Monday. I know I don't often say this about my days, especially Mondays, but I got a bit done today.

I met up with Kath, who seems to be having trouble staying with one thought long enough to complete it. She's at what I call "Weaving is the least of my problems" stage; she's a children's singer-song-writer and her second CD is coming out soon, and she's almost finished with the recording.

On November 29, she's having a CD release party at Victory Community Center, and that's what's getting her down; writing a press release, compiling a list of people to send the release to, sending graphic JPGs and TIFs to appropriate agencies, contacting kindies and schools, talking to shops that sell her CD, etc., etc., etc. What I've been doing with her in our weekly get-togethers has been to sort though all those tasks and creating a workable To Do list and schedule, and a tiny bit of brain storming. She knows exactly what she wants to do; I just help her put them in order and on paper, then I check her progress.

I feel bossy telling her to ignore this, concentrate on that, stop talking about this, draft that. And I even edit what she writes, which is funny because I'm not a good editor, but our "business meetings" seem to be working. We have fun, I think; I know I do. She used to come to my house every Thursday just to check up on me for two or three months leading up to my exhibition a while back, so I'm just giving a smidgen of my time back.

Then we had sandwich in the Polytech grounds, in the wind, and I started scratching and sneezing and, heck, my nose started to bleed! I think she was relieved to leave me and head for her next appointment.

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