Towel Exchange Update

Right, Prospective Partici-Pants. (Always wanted to say that since I discovered a show I kind of liked was produced by a company called World Wide Pants; can't remember which show, though.)

No worries if you haven't gotten around to the towels, but I'm really hoping some of you can join me. Pretty please.

Rose Pelvin sent me some preliminary photos, (not for publication, she asks, but I'm just dying to show them to you!!), which got me reviewing how I did SSVE on Flickr, and I remembered something important.

With SSVE, those of you with your own blogs had the choice of posting the pics on your own blogs and sending me your url, or sending me the pics to be posted on my Flickr. So sorry I'd forgotten about that, so I amended the guidelines to include that option. Really, you name your towels, send me your url, the name/s of the towel/s, and your contact; that's all. Oh, please include the number of towel/s (which should match the number of name/s you give me) just in case I can't tell from the photos.

Ben sounds like an automatic reminder now; he's beeping me every seven or so minutes to get cracking on the application, so.... later!


  1. my weaving is poo! no towels from me.

  2. You are forgiven, because you post such cute kid pics.

  3. Depending how the rest of the current warp goes, I may have a smallish tea towel - is there a particular size to aim for?

    I don't think I'll get any more (decent sized) tea towels done in time though, since I think I want to do my comparison to warp weighted weaving next

  4. If you can dry a dainty silvers spoon with it, you're in, Sonya. Look forward!

  5. Yay, mine are now done! Not that it hasn't taken me forever...

  6. WooHoo, thanks!! Must get cracking on "hanging" them!!

  7. I don't know about the towels, but I'd like Television Trivia for $200, Alex. ;)
    world Wide Pants, owned by David Letterman. Also produced the old Everybody Loves Raymond show.

  8. Didn't know about Letterman; it was Raymond, for sure, now that you mention it.


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