Scarf 3 was finished late last night.

I added more supplementary warp, purple next to orange and marine blue (named Iris) next to gold, anything I could think of that I wouldn't normally do. I had fishing weights tied to every one of the 22 supplementary warps, which got tangled up. With every eight or so picks, I had to get off the bench, go to the back of the loom and tug on the particular warp that wasn't taut; if I were to weave a scarf with approximately 1800 picks, it would have been good exercise, but not efficient. So I sacrificed 12cm of warp which I couldn't afford, unwound the warp, tied supplementaries to the rod, rewound, then resleyed at 36EPI. And it's weaving in a more orderly fashion. I'm using a dark green weft. (Purple looks like navy, and some of the oranges appear pink below, but without intending to, I managed to include all of the four colors here into this warp, though in a much diluted way.)

I was struck how the purple/orange/green part looks like ancient Japanese colors. In stripes, colors combinations like these are used on traditional theater stages, on unhealthy but delicious rice crackers called Kabuki Senbei (another colorway here), for seating and background of Hina dolls, which are based on the Imperial wedding costume, which in turn is based on kimono worn around the time of The Tales of Gengi. I've been tempted to call this last one something like "Japan', but I remembered I already submitted a blub that had something to do with Paul Newman. Some creative writing required later...

I hope I have enough warp left to weave a scarf, even though it may end up a tad shorter than the rest. I'm so tired I'm on auto drive. I was hoping to get either Scarf 4 or finish the draft of the application finished today, but I ended up with about 1/6 of the scarf, and 15 too-airy chocolate cupcakes.

Good night.

EDIT: I thought it was the pic's fault, or the condition under which I took the pic, that made the outside orange supplementary warps appear hot pink, but even in real life, because they are surrounded by blue-green warps, they really look pink!

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