Festive Towel Exchange is Now On

In this day and age when we can buy inexpensive dish/tea towels in discount stores, import shops and even in the supermarkets by the bundles, why bother paying so much more for the yarns and then spending days and weeks designing, warping, weaving, and hemming such a mundane item? Because, like any other cloths, handwoven dish/tea towels is unique and special, and they happen to be far more absorbent and longer-lasting, than store-bought ones.

Festive Towel Exchange is a combination of virtual exhibition and an exchange. All participants feast our eyes on the little treasures, then wait eagerly for a small parcel to arrive at their mail/post box. Links and photographs of towels will be added as they arrive, up to early December. Please revisit us to see more of our treasures.

Please follow the links to view the towels.

"Chocolate makes everything better" and "Autumn leaves"
by Geodyne, Cambridgeshire, UK

"Minty Fresh" towel and "Waffle Washes"
by Susan B, New Hampshire, USA

"Björk (Birch)" by KD, Örebro, Sweden

"Chantilly Cream" and "Devonshire Cream"
by Sonya, Christchurch, New Zealand

"Green Christmas Kitchen Towel"
by Crystal, Pennsylvania, USA

And the Not-So-Big Gallery

"A Toast to Blue Skies" and "Rejoice in Red"
by Rose Pelvin, Marlborough, New Zealand

"Festive Butterfly" by Dianne Dudfield, Tauranga, New Zealand

"Pacifica Christmas", "Flora Pacifica" and "Round the World Christmas"
by Meg Nakagawa, Nelson, New Zealand

The Big Gallery Flickr sets for this challenge has been deleted; some of the links were modified. 

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