Well, I Say...

Hats off to anyone who weaves mainly on a table loom. I'm exhausted, I can only work a maximum of three hours, I can't create any kind of rhythm, my back hurts, and both of my heels feel like Captain Hook's stump. Two days on and I've only finished half a scarf.

I'm feeling all of 50 today. Or maybe that's 80.


  1. It's probably small comfort, but I doubt that I would last even an hour on a table loom. But then, I am closer to 80 than you are!

  2. Marginally, Peg! But one does appreciate the tools one has at times like these.

  3. I had to buy a low table so I can sit in front of mine for the same reasons.

  4. Gives a new meaning to "hard on the heels", I thought. Mumble mumble...


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