Hi from Ben's Office

I just handed Julie's scarf to Julie. It was the first time I ever handed a commission piece to a client. What an unnerving event!!

I'm not sure if she liked it immediately. I think she might have expected something more brilliant and spectacular, only to find a dull gray mess in a beautiful shiny box. However, her instructions were 1) unobtrusive, as in scarf not being the main event but a nice addition to the outfit; subtle, not design-oriented, but mostly a color thing; 2) not too wide but not too narrow; and 3) long enough to do the fold-in-half-and-through-the-loop thing. And I think the piece ticked all the boxes.

We sat on the picnic table outside the Student Centre at the Polytech, and she wore it one way first, and then another, and over the course of the half an hour we spent, she came to really like the feel, and I thought it looked good with her silver hair, and she kept making comments about the nice feel. I think we are both happy, fingers crossed. At least it's the kind of scarf that will be just as nice ten years from now.

Sorry, no picture. I thought of it, but I was sneezing too much, my whole body was shaking. I guess no weeding in the garden today... Darn.


  1. I'm going to face the handing of my first commission piece to a client in the near future. It's something I'm facing with a feeling approaching dread. This is a friend: what if she doesn't like it?

    I've got around some of that though, by telling her I'm going to prepare several pieces (she's commissioned me for three items, two are scarves), and she's to select one if she likes it. Obviously you can't do that with everyone...

  2. Best of luck to you, Geodyne. To some degree, I know what my friends like, so it helps a lot at the planning/resining stage, but with friends I hate being paid!

    Which just reminded me, it's the second time I delivered. I did deliver Georgina's baby blanket, but like you, I had two to choose from that time, so I didn't feel as nervous.

    Anyway, choices may be the trick. I just need to work quicker for that!


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