You know my blue eggs? I saved the shells, hoping I can use them in some way. I had envisioned collage, and I boiled the washed shells hoping to peel off the inside "skin" when cooled. Well, I started, but the shells kept braking into smaller pieces as I peeled the skin, so I've stopped. The skin is much tougher than commercial eggs, and adheres to the shell with gusto. (Which makes sense when you think about the primary raison d'tre of eggs and their shells!)

I can take the skin off, crush the shells, and maybe mix the powder with paint??? Or is there a way to get the skin off easily and still keep the shells in reasonably-sized pieces?


  1. Hi Meg,
    Is it even necessary to remove the skin before using the shell for artistic purposes?
    Have a great Sunday -- Saturday just started where I am!

  2. Did you crack the eggs raw or hardboil them? It sounds like you cracked them while raw. I know when you hardboil eggs and then peel them, it's a nightmare if the eggs are fresh and you might be experiencing the same thing in trying to remove the membrane from raw shells. I wonder if you left the shells to sit if that wouldn't help. Set them aside for a week and then try again.

  3. Connie, I just had this gut feeling that it might rot later, but I could be wrong...

    Kimberly, yes, I cracked it raw. I shall leave them sitting for a while, then. Luckily the rain has stopped and, whoa, what is this bright light all of a sudden!!!

    Thank you for your comments.


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