Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Figure Drawing Class - Aside

Lest you think I'm all grownup and artist-like in my class, I feel compelled to confess.

Week 16 was the first time I managed to draw nipples, and I felt embarrassed and gigly. On Friday I had to include female lower abdomen, and I felt uncomfortable; I wasn't even gigling, just wondering how I can obscure it, which, because of where I was, was impossible.

This leads me led me to an interesting dilemma. I kind of liked the symmetrical, full-frontal composition; it was dramatic and so not the kind of drawing I normally try, but interesting. And if I felt that uncomfortable with a female model, will I continue to avoid challenging compositions? What will I do if the model if male?

And I honestly didn't expect myself to break out in uncontrollable giggles, at age 50, trying to draw nipples. I mean, the immaturity of it!!

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