Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Endlessly Staring at the TV Screen

So, I couldn't really even watch the telly on Saturday, but I did so about half the day on Sunday and all day Monday. Instead of getting frustrated I wasn't getting anything done. But I decided this was a message from the Universe to not do things just now, as in hastily changing my logo or colors or fonts. Did I learn anything from the last two days?

Well, I watched "Powerpuff Girls, the Movie" (2002) and wondered if there were little crime and relative equality and peace and quiet in a society, would art flourish, and then I came across the first episode of Simon Schama's "Power of Art" Episode One on Caravaggio and concluded, probably not. It's differences and desires and struggles and such human emotions that motivate a lot of artists, it seems, and of course these can be an internal struggle, just a pure desire to create something that's in one's head, but then there are others who want to depict other things...

I had a few more of these enlightening thoughts, but I can't remember any more. But when I had a fever of 38C, I was amazed that all I wanted to do was just to stay still, not moving, and sometimes I woke up from sleep not having moved one bit in four hours or more. Other than occasionally hearing Kath Bee's new songs (and only two of the 13 on the new CD), my mind was completely wiped clean and white and ... boy, if I have such a hard time cutting out the noises and living in the moment, a high fever for a couple of days might be a cure. Though I didn't like it. I shivered so much the first night my entire body's muscles were sore the second day. So, no, just joking...


  1. So sorry you're sick again, Meg! What a bummer, especially for the holidays. I'm thinking, maybe you push yourself too hard, and so you get sick often. The body has a way of telling us that we need to back off. And if we don't listen, it speaks up again!
    So take good care of yourself, and perhaps you could plan to take life a bit easier next year!?
    Hugs, and get better soon!

  2. The thing I hate about getting sick a lot is that it screams out we're leading an unhealthy life, but until I got sick this time around I went to the gym three times a week, we've been going to these vigorous walks (OK, just once a week, but up about 800 steps and the rest isn't easy, either...) and we do eat healthily, though sometimes too much. So I hate that Mama dives into these long lectures about exercise and nutrition every time she catches us like this...

  3. a college prof did say once that only in times of economic surplus is art advanced because otherwise, people have to apply their hands to making a living.

    was he right, hmm, maybe.

  4. That is more instinctive than what I learned here http://megweaves.blogspot.com/2008/11/bust-times.html, but I tell you, we do keep selling paintings at the gallery.


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