Another Windy Thursday: What a Non-Post This Is!!

Boy, when it blows in Nelson, it blows. Apparently it wasn't so bad while on the few days we were away, but it's been one long Dorothy's Kansas this spring, raising dust and sand and breaking tree branches. It happens every spring, but it feel later this year, and much longer than I remember; I could be wrong.

Lest you think I've given up on my design modules, I haven't. I met with Ali for the forth time yesterday, (first since September 3!) but I had a bit of information overload and need some time to digest. Among other things, we talked about composition which is a weak point of mine. A new challenge is, she told me to express/explain/describe my likes and dislike without using such words as "pretty", "nice", "yucky", and "ugly". In doing so, I noticed I look at colors and color compositions carefully, and what I call "emphasis" (which comes partly from years of cropping photographs and armature/voluntary graphic works,) but not so of such things as lines, shapes, and repetitions/patterns.

I'm also in awe of the variety of experiments I could do to learn more about design and colors and compositions, i.e. collage, cropping, distortion, as well as work with yarns and draft-making. In the first instance, it would most probably involve my making a list of methods to make sure I try them all, but my linear nature is being severely challenged, and I'm excited, but a little overwhelmed by the prospects of working in such disparate ways.

Today, though, I have to clean the house.

Tomorrow I have drawing in the morning, I go to Nancy's to "order" some fabric, (I don't know the proper vocabulary to explain what she does, so I'll have to take pictures and show you later.) Tomorrow night the Textile Lunchers come to my house for the year end suppery pot luck, even though I didn't manage to get the Handmade Nation DVD.

Saturday, bright and early, we head to Blenheim for the year end meeting of Marlborough Weavers, and sometime between now and then I also hope to whip up a bag, our 2009 challenge. And while there, I hope to take photos and maybe get an interview or two in to stockpile for our group blog.

I will keep working on the design modules and the block samples, my own study of Log Cabin, Shadow/Corkscrew/Echo Weaves, and the investigation of scalloped selvedges; there are four local-ish exhibitions I could potentially send things to, without even peeking into Fiber Art Calls for Entry, and I want to weave my gold "Rococo" cotton pieces. Once again my life looks like a series of To Do Lists, which is OK because it means I'm not sick, though I do wish I could work in different ways.

Life is never dull on the windswpet Tahuna Hills, friends. And those of you in the US of A, do have a Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. I still smile at the thought of threads in your "ugly box":)
    And its blowing like mad up here too. Disturbing to the psychy.

  2. I suppose calling something "ugly" is easy but simplistic and not considered. But to a reactionary such as myself, ugly is... in the end... ugly! Help!!!!!


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