The Next Exchange

I heard a good idea at yesterday's Year End meeting of Marlborough Weavers. (More on that a little later.) So here's an idea for our next exchange - I wondered if anyone else would be interested.

1) You collect three photographs/clipping/drawing to inspire a weaver. I suggest three different types of photos, for example one very abstract, one very emotional, and one a "scene", as in a holiday, a room or a set table. All this in case the recipient has very different taste/sensibilities from yours.

2) Put all three in an envelope. And a personal message if you like. Then email me to say you have an envelope.

3) I shuffle names and addresses in one of Ben's baseball caps, and ask you to send your envelope to someone. Meanwhile, someone will send you an envelope.

4) You plan a project based on one of the images; it could even be something else you were reminded of from one of the three, e.g. you may be sent a picture of a Christmas ornament, which reminded you of one on your Grandmother's tree years ago.

5) If you have a blog, you post the original images and your finished project on your blog; if you don't have a blog, I'll put them in my Flicker. And we'll all have a ring/link for easy viewing.

How far you'd like to take the project depends on you - you could actually weave something, or go as far as determining the yarn, the set and the draft, or come up with a bunch of drawings.

Because the holiday season is upon us and we don't want to loose our previous images or ideas in the busy-ness, and I'm away at an inconvenient time, I thought we might plan to exchange the visuals at in late February/early March, and set the due to show the project, finished or underway, say, late May sometime?

I also thought paper pictures are more tangible and portable and therefore preferable to exchanging JPG files. The printed papers have textures, and we could carry them around or paste them into our sketchbooks or pin them on our walls.

Anyone keen?

EDIT: I can't think too far ahead so I don't know if there will be another Small Scarf Exhibition next year, or this will be in its stead, or if we'll have SSVE later in the year. But I'm mindful we've had the last two SSVE around May/June, so you could combine the two if you'd like.


Rose said...

Meg, I am prepared to have a shot at your next exchange but doubt if I can do anything by March. Apart from all the exhibitions coming up that we both know about, I have PWN Seminar at the beginning of March. I would be happy to take part if it was April/May/June, and perhaps instead of SSVE would be good - though it shouldn't be too difficult to do both.

Sonya said...

Sounds like a potentially fun idea. I'd probably prefer it to be after April, but am quite happy to watch if I'm too frantically busy to actually take part.

Meg said...

So if I read your thoughts right, collecting material until around March and then working on the project until around May time would suit? Provided there is no SSVE on top of it?

Geodyne said...

Shall I wildly wave my hand in the air?

♥ Hannah said...

Hi Meg! Is this exchange open to everyone? It sounds very interesting.


I love this idea count me in.

Meg said...

Geodyne, yes, please! OK, now I see you! Thanks!

Hahhah, yes, of course. Everything I do is open to everybody.

Deep End, thanks! You're in!!

Desirée said...

The holiday season is indeed in my mind! But when I sat down and red about the exchange... It's great. I'm in!

Meg said...

Oh, I have no intention of ruining anyone's holiday season - it's full on as it is!!

♥ Hannah said...

OK! Since everyone can join you can count me in on this.

Meg said...

You're on, Hannah!