Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hardware Lust

Every trip to the hardware stores is a dangerous one for me, because I keep finding things that look intriguing and I want to have (or want to need) them. These are this weekend's finds:

Threaded rod in zinc (affordable) or stainless steel (a bit dearer) in around four width and 1 or 2 meters in length.

Modern art micro sculpture or a cute logo pretending to be functional; comes in two sizes.

Aha! So I've been saying it correctly all along and Ben and the hardware stores can learn from me!!

This is my 1010th post. (Yeah, zoomed passed the 1000th without realizing.) I'm feeling a bit frazzled and disjointed. Do you mind leaving a paw print or other form of a friendly hello in the comment section? Thanks, much appreciated.


  1. congratulations on your milestone!

    that threaded rod is one of my favourite commodities - fantastic for shibori-zome/ecoprint combinations

  2. Here's a webbed-foot print. You're appreciated!

  3. Thank you, ladies. Much, much appreciated. Nice to have your company.

    iNdi@, the things you can do when you in the surface adornment field - I have a technique-envy!

    And Trapunto, webbed-feet? You must be a good swimmer.

  4. We all grow webbed feet during the rainy season in the Pacific Northwest, you know. Also I used to keep ducks, and I live by a wildlife refuge full of waterfowl. Webbed foot prints seemed likelier than paw prints.

  5. I guessed you used to keep ducks, but near a wildlife refuge of waterfowl sounds wonderful, Trapunto! And good thing there aren't pet dogs and cats chasing the birds away!

  6. Hello! Slowly catching up with things. I would get my kitty to leave a paw print for you, but he's either out prowling in the night or sleeping on the bed...

  7. Wonderful to learn you are getting back into the swing of things! I'm going to the end of year Marlborough Weavers meeting on Saturday - I may meet your Mum finally!


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