Saturday Daydreaming: Must Selvedge Be Straight?

Old saws on the wall of the Chain Saw exhibition at Founders Heritage Park. I wondered if it's possible to build in scalloped selvedge into the draft, the way knitters do it with knitting, as in built-in frills. Different shrinkage would be the easiest, but is there any other way?


  1. I know how to make a tasseled edge..

    I know bands of different weave structures effect the edge, so I guess you'd need to find the two extremes, maybe plain weave versus a twill or other structure with long floats? And change the weft from thick in the plain weave, to something fine in the twill?

  2. I know it can be done, there is passementarie that has scallops...maybe floating selvedges at varying widths?

  3. This subject is getting curiouser and curiouser; thank you for your comments on- and off-line. Please let me look up some things before I revisit the topic. Now that you mention floating selvedge, I do recall an idea I saw in one of my books years ago, but I need to check it out. Meanwhile, if you have links, photos, knowledge to share, do please keep them coming. I would especially appreciate ideas from crocheting, tatting or lace-making that can be used with warp, either still under tension, or after the long floating selvedge has been cut.

    Thank you, everybody!


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