Book Lust

Remember I had great difficulty sorting my stash room this winter, partly because I had so many books? I gave away more than 180cm in width on the shelf, and sold about 60cm, but since then I bought 12 new books. (OK, two to replace the ones I gave my mother.)

I have to curve my book lust. Seriously. Even if, as Taueret once said, and if she didn't I'm attributing this to her anyway, "The more textile books you have, the better weaver you become." There is one book on Amazon.com that I've wanted for a year now, and it's now available used. Maybe I'll wait just a bit.


taueret said...

ha ha ha!! If only it were so.

Meg said...

The curator at the local art gallery here said that only with many many books can I call myself selg0taught! If Anna said so, it MUST be true!