Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanks for The Paw Prints

iNdi@ who uses threaded rods to make dye marks, is India Flint, the (eco-)dye goddess; she's come to Nelson and Blenheim for workshops at least twice that I'm aware of, but I never even thought of singing up because, you know, I am intimidated by the art of dyeing... Goodness, the workshops could have been Two Big Ones that Got Away... And I finally, belatedly, connected the dots.

Here is her website which has spectacular photos, here is her blog, and here is her dye book which has become a must-have around here. Scroll down on the last link about half way to find her book; view this page with caution; it's seriously dangerous one. Good thing the writing is so tiny I can't read them easily...

She's from the West Island of New Zealand, or as she calls is, the big red island north of, Antarctica: Australia.

Speaking of something else I was intimidated by, in the 90s was given a TAFTA (The Australian Forum of Textile Arts) magazine and was completely blown away in a bad way (so arty!) and avoided the acronym like a bad, confusing, omen, but their website could be a good resource today.

Meanwhile, Trapunto remains somewhat illusive, or will it take me another day to connect the dots?

Thank you for the friendly wave, ladies. (You, too, Taueret!) I really appreciated them. And there's no deadline for the paw prints :-)


  1. Hi Meg
    Another waving paw! (bloglines is playing games with me - I didn't see your earlier post).
    The TAFTA Forums are an amazing experience, and I think always attract a few of our cousins from the east. Intense, daunting, overwhelming in spots, inspiring... You meet people who look very scarey, so talented and accomplished - and they often turn out to be really nice, normal people. I'm booked in Kay Faulkner's "Imagery in Woven Fabric" at the Orange Forum next April. Still some place left, I think.

  2. Ah, Kay Faulkner - she tought the double weave workshop where I came out of my closet weaving in 2001! Enjoy the workshop, Fiberofbeing. ( And no, I secretly don't believe you've been weaving for only two years!!)

  3. i've just tripped over this and am blushing pinkly...

  4. Knowing you it's a very nuanced, beautifully executed pink, no doubt!


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