Made a Booking

Just booked my tickets home from mid-Jan to mid-Feb next year, and am already missing Ben, you folks, and the Internet, but looking forward to family time and Japanese aesthetic experiences. And some concentrated weave talk time with Mom!! It's the first time in 9 years I'm going home for a non-emergency trip and it's nice to be able to plan things, because the last two planned trips were canceled due to Ben's parents passing away as soon as we told them we were coming to visit! Really!

I have to be vigilant, however, because I have to weave a few warps before I go, I have one deadline in late Feb and I think another in March, and I have to plan the design study with Ali (I've fallen off that wagon since September and am just climbing back on it now) so I can do things while in Japan.

That, and tidy the garden for our Street Christmas Party to take place at our garden, probably on December 6. So, no time to stare lazily at the screens now.

PS: If you ever hear of any textile/fashion places of interest or events in late Jan/early Feb in Japan, please let me know?


taueret said...

can you travel in/out via Sydney?

Meg said...

Nah, straight there, and straight back. And the last two weeks of Feb is going to be he11 for me. Unless I'm super good before I leave. Which, as you well know, is unlikely...