Weed Week

On December 6, we are hosting this year's Driveway Christmas Party. This is its sixth year; it started suddenly when many of the kids grew up and a group of parents on our driveway, (10 homes share one big driveway), who knew each other well, got together and started it. Last year, when the discussion came up, I volunteered to host this year, much to Ben's horror. This time last my year life was seriously looking upbeat and I anticipated one whole year enjoying gardening.

In the last week a couple of our neighbors dropped hints, no doubt wondering where on earth we were going to sit amongst all my robust weeds, but we are going ahead; we put the invites in everybody's mail boxes yesterday.

Ben and I weeded for two and a half hours on Tuesday, I weeded for four yesterday. Ben, meanwhile, finally had his lower back pain seen to by a Bowen Technique specialist and was told not to stay in one position for more than 30 minutes for four days.

Not fair? Absolutely, but I would rather he got rid of his more or less chronic back pain, (I know the cause but he refuses to take my opinion seriously!) and I get rid of the weeds, so I'm going out solo again. I've serious misgivings about how much I can get done before D Day, (we're going away for a few days, too,) but there is not much I can do besides keep on keeping on.

I'm actually enjoying weeding, because the effect is immediate and wee areas of our property start to look neat and tidy every day, though there is a mound of weed near our front door growing rapidly. The problem is, I can't do it all day like I used to and if I'm out for a few hours, I feel like a zombie for the rest and can't do much else.

Onwards and downwards!


Meg said...

It's been a week of seriously contemplating deforestation and Copenhagen, as I knew it would be. While the weeded part is looking tidier, it's dry and crusty in the spring gust. In a few days the surface may start to display the cracked patterns. While the weedy area remains moist and stable. If we were to plant ground covers, we have to wait until next winter, around July/August, the rainy season.

Kia kaha, Copenhagen. Be strong.

Carol said...

Meg, I'm digging all the grass out of a huge lawn and replacing it with garden and ground covers. I'm enjoying the digging but can only do it a couple of hours a day if I'm to keep moving the next day. I've no doubt I'm going to cause soil erosion if I can't get it all quickly planted but I'm finding it very therapeutic and have my fingers crossed that I'm doing the right thing - for me and the garden.

Meg said...

I don't know, Carol. We've been getting the late spring gusts and it'll be six months before we are able to plant. It seems so silly, but this is New Zealand, and we have been very sloppy...

Unknown said...

As a bowen Therapist, got me curious about not staying in one position for 4 days. doesn't sound like bowen to me.

Meg said...

Yes, Brian? I may have misunderstood what Husband said. I 3was quite disgruntled that he wasn't able to weed with me, you understand.