Concept Time Again?

Nelson Arts Council announced the details for 2010 Changing Threads textile awards today. This is the awards that is open for New Zealand residents only.

Last year I was so excited and started to think about, well, concepts. But this year, not so; I can't help feeling bamboozled by it all. The exhibition aims to "showcase the use of fibre and textiles in a challenging and more conceptual way from their more general usage." I'm not sure if I even want to "go there", or if this is the type or work I don't want to do.

It further says "work will be selected for the exhibition on originality, the emphasis being on work which stretches the boundaries of fibre art to give a contemporary twist to the more traditional view of this medium."

I'd like to take part because this is a Nelson event as much as it is a NZ-wide one, and I'll be glad just to get work accepted, but, gee, what do they want? A corrugated roof made of fine cotton???

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