Friday, November 13, 2009

Concept Time Again?

Nelson Arts Council announced the details for 2010 Changing Threads textile awards today. This is the awards that is open for New Zealand residents only.

Last year I was so excited and started to think about, well, concepts. But this year, not so; I can't help feeling bamboozled by it all. The exhibition aims to "showcase the use of fibre and textiles in a challenging and more conceptual way from their more general usage." I'm not sure if I even want to "go there", or if this is the type or work I don't want to do.

It further says "work will be selected for the exhibition on originality, the emphasis being on work which stretches the boundaries of fibre art to give a contemporary twist to the more traditional view of this medium."

I'd like to take part because this is a Nelson event as much as it is a NZ-wide one, and I'll be glad just to get work accepted, but, gee, what do they want? A corrugated roof made of fine cotton???

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