If I Had an Allotment Garden

I would have lots of plants and flowers that smell nice. I would have sage bushes and lemon balm and rosemary and mint in a container so I could pick any leaf and rub them between my fingers and put them in my breast pocket.

I would have a blueberry bush and a few strawberry plants and an mandarin tree so I pick the fruits in season, but I won't put nets over them so birds can pick whatever, whenever they like. In fact, I shall put obstacles for cats so they don't catch the birds.

I would like a red brick path, and thyme and chamomile growing in the cracks, and a big area in the middle to put brightly painted Adirondack chairs (yellow and orange or white and pale blue) or a bench (purple), and a small table (fire engine red), so I can sit with you and drink tisane from unmatching cups, talk about weaving or your vegetables, or sit and retreat into our thoughts together.

I know I would have my big straw garden hat. I would like to say I will have on a cotton print dress, but no, you'll most probably find me in my gardening pants, wellies, and two green rubber coated gloves.

This thought was brought to you by not all those who wander are lost.


  1. Your allotment garden is a pretty one. This blogging bee is a great idea isn't it? great way to meet new people and view inspiring work that's happening in different parts of the world.

  2. Thank you, Embellisher. It's an imaginary one, obviously, as in my real life I've been battling with pretty robust weeds all week!


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