Concept Brewing?

I'm not sure if I have a Handmade Nation DVD coming my way or not. Amazon.com Customer Service guy said it isn't, Amazon.com Customer Services gal said I was refunded but the shipment is delayed (???); chances are, it isn't coming because I've been refunded, but I would still like to get a hold of it at some time. I am interested in how young people approach craft.

This morning I woke up thinking concepts are totally not my thing, and I was going to either submit something that's more my regular thing, or not at all, and I was leaning towards the latter. But you know, challenges get under my skin and my mind won't stop kicking shapes, colors and adjectives around. I don't know where "they" are going, but I'll let this rambunctious lot do its thing and see if they end up presenting me with a doable idea.

I don't know what the story is, but when we had lunch at Founders Heritage Park today, I saw on the brewery/cafe sign these pieces of knitted sample swatches. (They were on no other signs in the park.) They were colorful and lovely and so cheerful. Lunch was good, too; they dind't have their Seafood Chowder, which I think is one of the best in the region, but a hefty vegetarian burger for me, and a beef burger for Ben.

With the riot still going on in my head, we headed for the Suter, because there was to be a silent auction to raise funds for Samoa; the reserves for artworks I was interested in, (Tim Wraight's sculpture, Brian Flintoff's instrument) were understandably high so we didn't bid. Luckily, we also caught the NMIT (ex-polytech) student show Rebus.

This is a tertial students' art show, so some of the works were morbid/alarming, but there were quite a few (more than usual!) nice textile-related works. As I said, these young people make me so interested in how they approach craft, to see if they think differently from us, or if their outcome is different but thinking not so. I've asked one of the students, Felicity, if she would mind sending me some jpg files so I can introduce her work here; beautiful hand-crafted reversible jackets; fingers crossed. There was to be Samoan dances and music later in the afternoon but my cold/hay fever became unsightly so we came home by way of, ahem, another hardware store.

And a wee recap of my head situation. (Hi, AB!)

I went to see my GP last week for a 2.5-month check up. We think the medication is working, because my emotional ups and down are normal; I don't have extreme highs nor lows, and I have sufficient brain juice to allow me to do things, though I could always use more! I'm not sure if the new patience is here to stay, or I'm getting old I just can't move fast any more!

The events at the start of the year, (emergency Japan trip, prolonged building project) and unusually long and cold winter didn't do my any favors and anxiety is something I need to learn to control. But it's sunnier now; summer, albeit later than usual, is here, I'm pretty sure. And best of all, I have work commitments, which, to me, appears to be the best antidepressant. (Though I'd definitely like to learn how to relax between projects, for sure.)

I'm to be on the current medication for three more months, in total six months, and then we're going off it. That time frame (late Feb) roughly coincides with two exhibition due dates, so around then I need to stayed tuned to my health/mood, but not bring myself down like a bad self-fulfilled prophesy. There's always a chance I'll be bothered by depression again, particularly looking at the prevalence on my Dad's side, but exercise and good diet can work towards reducing its likelihood, and I'm hoping I'll have at least a few years of head med free years, if not forever!

PS: I used an old, "tiny backpack" today. Apparently I hadn't used it since 2006 because in its pocket I found 10,000 Japanese Yen and a filled deposit slip I'd forgotten. It sounds like a lot, but it doesn't buy much in Japan, but at least I don't have to go to the bank before my next trip. It does feel like a small Lotto prize, but Ben thinks it's no use my going through all of our bags and wallets just to check for more.


Desirée said...

A work commitment is the best way to keep you going. And a challenge isn't bad either ;)

Meg said...

Yes, Desiree, definitely. But after a night's sleep, I'm wondering if I can actually do this when I'm going to be gone for 4 weeks, or if I can even take some of the bits home and work on it while in Japan.