I started threading the pink blanket yesterday. After about 60 ends, I sensed I made a mistake to check. Usually I don't mind fussy threading, and this isn't that fussy, but there was something about this that bothered me, and I didn't know why. So I pulled out the last, oh, 40 following the mistake and walked away.
I felt the sample I made in 2:2 twill last winter, and confirmed 30EPI worked with either of the brown wefts I intend to use. So, what's wrong?

Oh, I was going to have to sleep on it.

In bed, I knew the twill proportion was the key to solving this mystery; it was something about the proportion of the warp thickness vs the weft and how the shape was going to come out, but it was a conundrum.

Well, Duh!!!

When I got up I just knew the three warp ends (natural and two pinks) were supposed to be threaded together! So, even though it has 30EPI, the draft pattern is coming out fatter and squarer as if it's 10EPI.
Duh! Duh! Duh!!

But the threading is so much quicker now, so I forgave me. 


margery meyers haber said...

Love the colors in the sample!

Meg said...

A little out of the ordinary for me, but then most anything with brown is. The natural in the warp is a bit dusty and gives me the sneezes.

charlotte said...

The structure looks very exciting!

Meg said...

It'll be a nice one, but it'll also be dusty weaving. Bracing myself now!