Weaver to Weaver Reminder

Dear participants,

It's now two and a half weeks into 2013, so that long since the last post date of the envelope/s, and even with the post-holiday rush we can probably assume most all envelopes should have been delivered to their destinations.

If you have not done so already, please email the sender/s of your envelope/s to let them know it/they arrived safely. If you do not know the sender details, please contact me. I am getting some concerned enquiries.

If you have not received the requisite number of envelopes, please let me know how many you signed up for, (i.e. how many you sent,) and from whom you already receive, so I can dig up my records and locate the missing one/s.

Email me about any other related concerns/problems. 

And lastly, if you posted about what you sent/received but it is not included in the bottom of this post, drop me a line or leave a link in the comment here, please.

Thank you.

Good day!

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