Well, it's Here.

And as I said, 2013 looks like any old lovely 2012 day, weavers, so we can carry on winding warps, bobbins and pirns, passing shuttles, and contemplate cloths.

I don't know if this is unusual or even worrying, but I sometimes practice/rehearse/revise, um, my "speech", (speech being one or a few sentences not a entire thesis, and I know why I do this.) Sometimes I put myself in hypothetical situations. Sometimes I go over a real life conversation and "re-say" things that should have been said better. Sometimes I say thing out loud so I can physically hear myself to see if I'm saying what I mean, if I'm articulate and correct. Just Saturday morning, I tried to answer an imaginary new acquaintance who knew nothing about weaving or textiles why I weave; I came up with this: "If I didn't weave, I would have been a different person, (living a different life.)" Later that afternoon while weaving my purple piece and feeling giddy with the physical movement, I felt how accurate that statement was.
I haven't done anything on the list today yet; in fact I must reread it as I only remember Italian, Shakespeare, and Healthy. And Dye. But I started reading The Assasin's Cloak first thing this morning, and it was a nice way to start a year. Trust me, the content isn't nearly as horrible or exciting as the title suggests. I know what I'm doing with in Italian today, and I'm going to draw a little bit, too.

But first, I'm off to shoot my looms.

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