Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Not Sitting in a Fetal Position, Though

Lest you thought I was back to that state, no, no. Yesterday I finished weaving the first toddler blanket with the weft of my choice, and I didn't have enough, I only got 95cm, and in sunlight, (I've woven under florescent after the halogen lights kept dying a few years ago, but now I have a better sparky and may discuss going back to halogen,) the values and colors of the weft are too varied I plunged straight into the second piece.
The weft is a coarse for a weaver who usually weaves with cashmere or merino, but since I suspect the weft was Mom's creation, I think I might full this fully and keep it in our car as our picnic blanket. I do love the colors and the pattern and it's not too pale that I'd hesitate to put it on the ground. 

The new weft is a store-bought knitting yarn, something I bought some years ago when I was so dismayed at the lack of weaving yarn shops in New Zealand in general and in my region in particular, and when I thought I'd better get used to knitting yarns. I loved it so much I bought "many" balls - can't remember exactly but 10, 12 or 20, and have only used it once for Ben when Mom gave me some leftover cashmere when she first embarked on that journey. Mine was woven in 2002 (which means this could be a scanned film photo,) and it still goes on our laps on cool evenings, but in combination with pink the weft look darker and less brown, which worries me a little. This warp contains more air and will give a better hand.   
(I went looking for a photo of this piece thinking I posted it here some time, and I may have, but looking I did some overzealous culling of online pics and ended up spending a couple of hours having to relocate and reinstate them; I still have to go get another one of the Suter... But it was interesting looking at photos of weaving and design work I did not too long ago that I had totally forgotten about. I found more than a few ideas I told myself I must revisit, and some interesting drafts.)  

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  1. I've had Flickr first so always thought Picasa was a necessary evil, but learning a bit about it this morning may help if I were to stay on Blogger. Life used to be so simple when we all carried brag books, didn't it? I made up a textile one in 2002, I think.


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