Golly Gee. Yikes.

Did I say I am going home in four weeks minus a few days? No, it's three weeks minus a few days. I just noticed it this morning. And in that time I have to complete a toddler blanket. And file my taxes.
The blanket is progressing. I like the pattern, but it's quite big and I have to stand back to see it.
I like the weft, too. I wasn't sure where it came from but I now suspect it might have been one of Mom's handspun projects, undyed natural cream with some natural grays in two ply, and then plant-dyed. There are a lot of color patches appearing, but the values don't vary as much as the top picture. 
And occasionally there are these beautiful rust-orange flecks. I love it.

The problem is, I've woven with five out of the nine balls I own and got 55.5cm, so I assume with all nine I would get around 99.9cm, and I wanted at the very least 105cm but preferably 110-115cm. So I might have to weave a second one with the darker brown in the sample, which is a commercial knitting yarn; it has silk, is lighter and softer than the slightly straw-like feel of the current weft, but I really wanted the yellower gray. I suspected this might be the case so I have enough warp for two, but I have to put a rush on. As usual.

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Meg said...

Fourth day back at work, and Ben "did not have time to get lunch," so he ate nuts and drank water. Alright, the bag of mixed nuts are his emergency ration for just this sort of an occasion, but really? Meetings for eight hours straight and no time to step out? I bet he didn't even leave his desk all day except to go to meetings and the loo. And he claims he can't help it. GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!