Bag Lady

Gee, I felt bad about having neglected the bag Jay at the Red Art Gallery asked me to work on; I had thought it was a few months ago, but it was well before the Expo and Re:fine hooha, meaning, it must have been nearly a year ago. I did make some mock ups, and we discussed it and Jay thought a "landscape" orientation was a little retro and elegant. I got them out of the box, made a few more mock ups in different sizes, and made four of the "landscape" on the right.

On the left is my first trial bag in a size perfect for the cashmere scarf, and on the right is one of the final style, with a false front with wide handle attached with a paper clip. I can't decide if I want to go with the narrower or wider grosgrain ribbon, and though gray looks good, pale yellow and black look ok, too.

It took me more than half a day to make four, and the first one is a little shallower because of a folding glitch, and I still need to get ribbons, and write "MegWeaves" or something with a silver gel pen.

Weaving is the easiest part, isn't it?


  1. Pretty pretty! While also elegant and subtle. Good work Meg!

    Perhaps the narrower ribbon is easier to fit in the hand? It should be comfortable and sturdy so that people use them again and again. Free advertising is a good thing.

  2. The wider ribbon in the pic, 2.4cm or about an inch, looks more luxurious, but is more expensive, and requires longer length for the hand/wrist to get through. The skinner one here is about 1.5cm (is that about 5/8 inch?) and is more functional but isn't as elegant. So if they have something in between, it'd be the perfect solution, but if not, for this batch, I might go for the wide... Unless the prices are drastically different.

    The drawing/writing of the logo-like mark has been the hardest task. I use Monotype Corsiva as my "logo" font, but it has wide bits and narrow bits, so not suitable for a ball-point gel pen, and I practiced writing "MegWeaves" in Vivaldi; what a totally silly-difficult choice! Instead of finishing them in a hurry, I'll experiment some more over the weekend. Like my mom always said, "When in a hurry, take the long way around."

  3. Have you thought of stick on labels on a clear background? Probably awfully expensive.

  4. Stickers were my first thought, but the black paper has a waxy surface treatment, (therefore durable and stuff), so I still have to put book binder's glue on the back of the sticker and because that got a bit messy, I rejected the idea.

    Jay suggested I just put my John Hancock on it, so I'm practicing a legible signature now. I think that'll work well.

    And Spotlight didn't have the same color ribbon, and the only "gray" they had was a slightly wider silver one, so the bag suddenly has a blingy feel. Never mind.


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