Horizontal Stripe Overalls

I love weavers, and love talking to them about weaving. Just so you know.

Still, sometimes when I'm thinking out loud vague, fuzzy, early ideas, weavers get so bogged down on the mechanism of weaving that I want to shout, "no, no, I'm thinking of something totally different," even though eventually I arrive at exactly what they were suggesting.

Since I posted the previous post, I've got one short "footage" playing in my head over and over: I'm in too-large, horizontal- stripe overalls, running around in circles inside a prison wall at full speed. But I haven't got a shackle, chain or ball.

I'm not saying I recall a specific experience of not being understood, but sometimes it's nice to talk to people who do other things. Maybe Rayna is right; perhaps we should ask why they love our work.

And isn't Rayna's "About Me" great? Aren't we all lucky to have a hobby?

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