Good Books

Just this morning, I was gazing at the revamped The Artist's Way web site, thinking of doing a second stint this winter, since I already have more Julia Cameron books than an artist can swing a stick at. Then in our PO box, I found my copy of Finding Your Own Visual Language, from Amazon.jp, via my mother.

Honestly, when some of you were going all googoo gaga over this book, I was a little skeptical; no book can be that good to so many people. But I could be wrong; I've only had once glance though the book just once so far, but it looks interesting and very intelligent.

It's a much slimmer volume than I expected, but I like that UK and US artists collaborated in writing, so they left the spelling the way each author spelled in the first place. (Which made me think: why aren't there more fabulous books co-written by Australian and New Zealand artists?? You've an eager reader in me!)

It appears Jane Dunnewold, the American author, also hosts Art Cloth Studio, and she has a rather introspective reading list. (If you'd like a copy of this book, you may be able to find used ones, or contact Jane, or Dale Rollerson at The Thread Studio in Australia.)

I can't wait to get started, but not until I finish my first fabric stash reduction effort at long last.

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