Randall Darwall Workshop Presentation Night

Monday night after the design workshop, I gave my presentation to the Marlborough Weavers. Many of us were still high from the workshop so the presentation proceeded in a jovial, creative atmosphere, and since photos of Randy's scarves can wow even the most cynical, weathered weaver, so suffice it to say the presentation went without a hitch.

Since then, however, I've been wondering about the danger/wisdom of my talking about Randy's workshop, even though I stressed enough times these were my recollections, impressions and interpretations. It's made me realize how little I remember of those frantic five days, and how very little I know him, and I've been feeling somewhat irresponsible about interpreting his words and concepts.

I enjoyed preparing the presentation, going over the notes, and particularly looking at the photographs to select the best ones and cleaning them up, but I feel a little funny about the ethics of it, even though it was a small presentation to my own guild, reporting back, as it were.

But as you see, the weavers had fun putting my RD scarf on Joan in the manner prescribed by Brian Murphy on www.RandallDarwall.com. It really works.

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