Oh, Bless You, Peg

I am of the belief there is probably not a lot I can do in weaving that is totally, entirely and absolutely original; rather, I'm happy with the thought that somebody somewhere, maybe 500 years ago, did something darned near what I've got on my loom at any time.

Except for "The Twist". For a long time I thought I was the only one who could manage to get portions of my warp twisted. When I wind, say 250 warps from one cone in one go, it would make sense to me for all 250 to get twisted together, but NOOOO. At times I get two or three lots all looking curly and lovely.

Peg said it wasn't my fault, but I read on and she was talking about silk's propensity to twist. Anyway, you'd better hear it from the horse's (sorry, Peg) mouth. Go to "Talk about Weaving" and start around April 1.

And these are called... bouts? A terminology used in boxing and weaving? Live and learn.


Peg in South Carolina said...

What a great pun! I never would have thought of it. And thank you for the terrific recommendation. I agree, nothing original under the sun. It is just that a think every weaver, should she/he weave long enough, is doomed to make every mistake that it is possible for a weaver to make.... (grin!)

Meg said...

And in the mistake/weaving-experience ratio department, I seem to be an extraordinary overachiever. I should get a certificate for that!

But seriously, if it weren't for blogs, I would have never found out other weavers have also experienced some of my "unique" experiences, too, especially pertaining to warping because I've never visited another weaver while she was prepping.

So thank YOU.