Monday, April 7, 2008

Now THAT'S an Artist's Studio

Would you like a tour of Bonnie Tarses' studio?

First go to Seattle, then select QuickTime or Flash, then wait to download. When downloading is completed, move your mouse a little to "walk around". (Yeah, don't just stand there forever like I did!!)

The thing I'd like to know is, how did she get to be in three places at once? If I could do that, too, I might be a little more productive.


  1. Thanks so much for the "nod". You would think I would be more productive than I am now that you know my little secret. Bradford, the photographer, told me I was the first person to suggest the "clone effect".

  2. I was going to go into either my stash room or my loom room to do a spoof on your studio by stitching some pics, but alas, I couldn't get into my stash room because I have so much stuff on the floor, and my loom room is a little bleak.

    Maybe on a sunnier day after I create a standing space in the middle...


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