Happy Birthday, Bonnie Inouye!!

Happy Belated Birthday, Bonnie Inouye! (Her birthday was on the 23rd. I just readjusted my monitor to make emails easier to read, and reread her email of the 22nd and there I found it. Sorry, folks.) And enjoy the workshop in Richmond, VA; I know your students will.

Her workshops are exciting because not only do you get the feel of Bonnie as a weaver and teacher, you can tap into her knowledge of weave structures and weaving geography/anthropology, (ancient Peru, for example), and say exotic phrases like "turned taqueté" without blushing. But for me by far the most wonderful was to see her scarves and shawls wrapped around a person, and in motion.

I know we know bodies aren't cylindrical, and we think of the movements when we design our textiles, blah blah blah, but I still remember a jaw-dropping experience in 2002 of seeing a red shawl with big circles (in themselves impressive,) strategically placed to make an impression as the wearer walked away. I slithered off the chair and kowtowed.

I also discovered the magic and convenience of a digital camera; she showed us slides of dinner scene of the previous night! This promoted hubby to buy his first one later in the year; can't imagine life without one of them, either, any more, can we?

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