Brave, Fearless or Dangerous?

Still a little high from the Design Workshop, I did something I've been wanting to do for eight years; I've signed up for Ronette Pickering's figure drawing course. She was a weaver, weaving teacher (?), and the head of the local Polytechnic's Visual Art school, but now she's retired and is a legendary figure drawing teacher, and also a consultant to the Refinery Art Space gallery.

So with the material list in hand, I went to Betts Stationary on Hardy Street, and asked Tony to help me gather the stuff. I am now have, in a little cardboard box:

2 x 4B and 2 x 6B pencils
1 graphite stick (the thin one with the black lacquer coating)
4 x thick vine (willow) charcoal
4 – 6 medium pit charcoal
2 x white, black and sepia conté
2 x black and 2 x white pastel
Eraser (pink or green ones from Betts cheapest and also best)
2 x large bulldog clips (the ones with the wire handles)

This graphite stick is nicer than the naked one I already had. I asked Tony what contés are, but I can't remember his answer, except French ones are creamier and German ones more powdery. I do remember the difference between the vine and pit charcoals; the former is more fibrous, the latter is soot bound with an agent, so is creamier. But you knew this already. yeah?

And though not on the list, I also put in the box one of Ben's old shirts and a small notebook.

The class starts at the start of May and runs for 10 weeks. I can't wait.


  1. gathering of supplies- the best, most exciting part of any course! enjoy!

  2. Absolutely, Taueret. Not yet ruined by moi. Life is full of new notebooks, as it were... (Yet another one of my fetishes.)

  3. YEAH!!!! Meg!!!!!

    I think fresh perspectives and new skills will helps us focus, and improve, our weaving (or what ever is our main talent).

    Funny but divergance helps convergance.


  4. "Divergence helps convergence" - what a word-weaver, Lynne. It's nice to know it's 10 weeks - if it goes badly, I'm on a clock - and that some people keep repeating the course - in case it goes really well. I've always admired the portrayal of muscular men and soft women by the old masters. Though there is a good chance I'll get soft men and muscular blokes, I am looking forward to learning about them. I'm ready, eh?

  5. Sound like just my sort of course. I've done quite a bit of drawing with vine charcoal and it is beautiful, if somewhat messy, to use.

  6. It IS exactly your kind of course, because you draw and paint. Where as moi; if Beloved got lost in a brown paper bag and I had to draw a map to get him out, he has a better chance getting out following a lab mouse than waiting for my map...

    Nevertheless, a few people who know me said I will enjoy it, so I'm just letting their words soak in.


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