Finally Done

Oh, boy, that was a lot of work, but a lot of fun. In all, these four tiny bags required a day's work. The store didn't have the dull gray ribbons I sampled with; in fact the only grosgrain ribbon in the "gray" range was a slightly wider one in silver, and after looking at the dull yellows (there were two: not-very-dull, and not-dull-at-all,) I decided to go for the slightly blingy silver. Its brightness obscures my name in silver gel pen, but I don't mind that. Shorter handle would have looked nicer, but I had to be careful putting my hands though the sample, and my hands aren't big, so I made them a tad longer.

I hope Jay approves. Because four more are in the pipeline. Well, for another rainy day.


  1. Meg, they're beautiful. The kind of bag you squirrel away and keep.

    I presume you'd expect to get faster if you made more? Because 1/4 of a day adds to the labour quotient of your scarves by quite a bit!


  2. Yes, Tara! I must do better.

    But at least the designing is done, I've made a few templates, and the next four will go quickly. (See my fingers and toes crossed?)


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