Guidelines to Our Small Scarf Virtual Exhibition

According to Wiki, today is Buddha's Birthday, which sounds as good a day as any to announce the Small Scarf Virtual Exhibition guidelines. You don't have to have contacted me already to join, as long as you weave and get some pics and blurbs prepared in time.


* Please weave a small scarf, say 6 inches wide, give or take a few inches, or select one you wove in 2008. If you are productive, you are allowed to exhibit up to 3 scarves. The scarves must be handwoven, (and that includes loom-knitting), but can be subsequently embellished or felted. Dye, and any other details, e.g. warp paint, before weaving is also allowed.

* For each completed scarf, send me 2 or 3 photos showing different views of the piece, plus a paragraph or two about either the weaver or the piece. Weaver's profile shot, or body parts near the loom, is also most welcome. No shots of the scarf on the loom this time, unless your hand is included and you would like to use it as your profile shot.

* If you don't feel comfortable writing in English, you can either just send me the photos with your name, city/country of residence, and contact email address, OR, write it in whatever language you feel comfortable, and maybe we'll come across another weaver who can tell us the gist of your blurb.

* Send all photo files in JPG format as attachments, and the paragraph/s in the body of an email to me by Monday, June 9. please. I'd like to open the exhibition either on the Friday night or Saturday, but depending on the numbers, it could be as late as Monday, June 16. Time, link, etc., will be posted here nearer the time.

* If you blog (including Flickr-type photoblogs), here's an alternative. Weave and prepare files, create a post, and plan to publish around Friday, June 13. You must let me know of your intentions to go this way by Monday, June 9, so I can include you in the links, and also send you the links to be included at the bottom of your post. If you have weaving friends who don't blog, feel free to invite them and include their work in your post; think of it as another room in the exhibition, as it were. And the blurb being in your native language would be no problem in this case.

When you contact me regarding SSVE post on your own blog (sounds like a government department or a new type of vehicle,) please include the nicknames or names of all the weavers whose work you will be showing. If you can't decide, I suggest sending me the first name and surname initial of the weaver/s, (so I'm Meg N). I'll use the surname initial only if there are two or more weavers with the same first name spelled the same way, so not for Lynne and Lynn, for e.g. If you do not disclose your real name on your blog, remind me what you would like to be known as, but not a very long one, please. Below is an example of the link, (and here I'm using Deep End without consulting her only because I couldn't find her name at first glance), and we could include city/state/country if you like.

Deep End, Florida => Meg N, Rose, another-weaver, and hopefully-another-weaver => another blog => and hopefully more blogs..... and so on.

* Just thought of this. I get the feeling everybody here gets the purpose of this wee event, but I feel I should spell it out. This is an attempt to share/show/see what we do, so no links to "selling" websites or platforms, please. Of course you can include your contact email address and blot url.

Notice I changed the name from Virtual Small Scarf Exhibition to Small Scarf Virtual Exhibition? If you can come up with a snappier name, and I'm sure many of you can, please leave it in the comment so others can be impressed and we can have a better name.

It's a low-keyed thing, and I think I've covered everything, but if you have any questions or proposals, feel free to email me or leave a comment.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, and I really look forward to see your work.

Susan B, the ring can't be that different from the links I will be creating, but I haven't had the time to look into it, so for this round, at least, I'll be a simpler version. But thank you for the suggestion; I would have never thought of it.


  1. Oh, absolutely, pu-leeeze!!

  2. Looking forward to it!

    Meg, I think this is going to become very popular as we all cross post on our own blogs. You might want to find a way of getting an idea of how many people are going to swamp your inbox on 9 June. A poll maybe? Hmm I'll think on it.

  3. You think? I'm easy; I'm just going to leave it until June. Gmail isn't too stingy, and I keep that empty most days so on the 9th I'll just stay home and check every 2 hours or so. Of course we're a day ahead so I might have to do the same on the 10th, but "she'll be right", as Kiwis say. Especially since now weavers can post on their own blogs.

  4. Hey Meg,
    This is great, I'm going to post a link on my blog to get other's interested. BTW, my name is
    Bety A, Miami, Florida. Gee I guess I did a good job of disguising it hehe..

  5. Great, Bety, and think about "gathering" some of your Rigid Heddle friends' works, too.

    I so love the concept of "Deep End of the Loom" (and I've fallen into that abyss so many times - hubby would say I've fallen once and never resurfaced) I might keep calling you Deep End from time to time!

  6. I finally remembered to post about this on Ravelry, in the two weavers' groups that I belong to there. Hope it helps. I am also on a couple weaing-related mailing lists, would it be ok to mention it there, Meg?

  7. This sounds great - I'll also post about it on my blog. Thanks Taueret for posting this in Ravelry!

    I am on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada ....

    Happy Weaving,

  8. Hi, Ladies.

    I couldn't figure out what Ravelry is after half an hour of searching, but is that a knitting group in Yahoo? Anyway, thank you for posting, Taueret, and of course it's ok to mention anywhere. Thanks.

    Terri, welcome. You must be heading for a beautiful BC spring? I couldn't find your profile - pity - I would have enjoyed having a peek inside your studio/stash room/head!

  9. muahaha. Ravelry is, well Ravelry. It's not *for* weavers, but there is a small and nifty community of weavers there. It's like nothing you've ever seen. http://ravelry.com

    You will have to request an account and wait a few days- but do. You won't regret it. Do you concur, Terri?

  10. I LOVE it when women write "Muahaha" or whatever its variation. Must be great, your thing. I'll pay a visit later today.

  11. And, here you have another Canadian posting about this wonderful idea!
    Thanks to Terri, I have gotten all excited about this!
    I have posted about it on my blog:

    I am crazy busy right now, but somehow, I have to squeeze this into my immediate future!
    Thank you so much for this delightful project!
    Noreen over at hankeringforyarn.com

  12. Welcome, Noreen. Look forward to seeing your photos. (I really should start planning my own piece right about now...)

  13. This sounds like a wonderful way to show a dog hair scarf I recently finished. The owners were giving me the hair when the dog passed away, so I gave them a scarf so they would always have Otto with them, and they really appreciated it.

  14. A friend in Blenheim once spun and knitted her collie's hair and I was surprised how fluffy and pleasant the textile was. At the same time it was surreal to be looking at Cassy the Dog (still very much alive then) and the scarf at the same time. (...As opposed to sheep who, and if I may be so blunt, exist to provide us with wonderful wool...)

  15. Hi Meg - just rereading the post about the exhibition and checking comments - sorry you couldn't see my profile (not sure why) anyway you can find me at www.saltspringweaving.com and my blog 'Weaving a Life' at www.saltspringweaving.com/blog.

    Happy Weaving,

  16. Thank you for that info, Terri.

  17. I've just posted about the ecclesiastical stole I just wove. It turned beautifully, and ultimately disappointing! There was a small problem that turned out to be large!
    Here's the link:

  18. Noreen,it's not strictly a weaving error, though, was it. And too early to say "ultimately" disappointing, surely. We haven't been told where it's going to end up, so we'll have our fingers and toes crossed!!


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