A Joint Virtual Exhibition, Anyone?

Randy said that Sharon Alderman said she is inspired when she's walking, weaving or ironing. Now I know the first two can bring an adrenaline rush, but I had thought I was the only one who felt a bit giddy while ironing because of all the images and ideas flooding out of my head.

I gave up the idea of not talking to myself while on long walks alone, and wave my arms around like an Italian speaker while trying to get the feel of my next shawl. As to ironing, I'm hopeless when I start grabbing my calculator, playing with the software, lining up yarn cones that I seldom get through my pile at one go. (That's why Sunday morning while watching 4 straight hours of Star Trek derivatives is a good ironing time.)

As for while I'm weaving, the ideas in my head become too noisy I often have to blast the stereo to drown the thoughts so I get on with the ... weaving. Anyway, while working on the Little Man's blanket yesterday, I got this idea, and I want to run it by you.

How would you like to have a virtual joint exhibition? Here's what I'm thinking.

* Weave a small scarf, say 6 inches wide, give or take a few inches, or get one that you've woven, say, since the start of this year.
* These scarves must be handwoven, but can be subsequently embellished or felted.
* Send me up to 3 photos showing different views of the piece, plus some blurb, either about the scarf or about you or both.
* If you like, send me also your headshot, or hand/s-holding-a-shuttle shot.
* I collect all your info, arrange them in visually pleasing manner and upload it either here or on my web site for all to see.

If I can get all photos and blurb by around the end of May, the virtual exhibition can open early-ish June when it starts to get a little chilly down here. I'll make virtual invitations to let you know. It would be nice to get all levels of weavers from different places. I've been toying around the idea of dressing my Rigid Heddle again and have some fussy hand-manipulated fun. It would be nice to get, say... more than four of us?

Would anybody be interested? Please either leave a comment or contact me by email. I look forward to hearing from you.

PS - Ben came up with an alternative idea. If you do have your own blog, we could all agree to post on the same day, and put links to each other, much like the City Daily Photo theme day, and he can easily whip up the link to copy/paste. I'm still very happy to post the scarves of anyone who isn't blogging.


  1. What a cool idea! and what a lot of work!
    There must be a way of technology helping more. The blogs are a good idea - do folks have flickr accounts? Is there a way of starting up another weave ring type thing focused upon such an exhibit?
    I'm all for this but it could be a lot of work! for you!

  2. Hi! This is a great idea Meg! I am interested in very much!

  3. Susan B, hi. I'm not sure how Wordpress works, but with Blogger or with my web site, it's not that big of a deal for me, (and it sure beats putting on a physical exhibition or an exchange, something else I'm interested in, but that's for later, I think.) I just need to commit to delivering it in an attractive way to do the scarves and the weavers' efforts justice. Ditto with posting links as in the City DPs, which is probably easier for me to set up than a ring, and perhaps more spontaneous? Truth to tell, I hadn't even thought of the ring since many of my weaver friends don't blog and I'd love to try to include them as well, or especially those who don't blog.

    Elsa, you are on my list, too, now!! I did get an email, however, from Holly that April/May is a busy time, so we might have a wee bit longer to prep? I shall be in touch in a week - 10 days.

  4. Meg, I'm so in. What a great idea!

    I set up a blogspot account ages and ages ago, and never found the time to do anything with it. I think I need to concentrate more on migrating across once I get home.


  5. Wonderful, Tara. I think we have enough numbers for a small exhibition to go ahead. I'll post the final guidelines perhaps a little later in the week.

  6. I'm not accomplished enough for this but I want to see it, and I think it's a great idea.

  7. If I may use strong words Deep End, nonsense!!. It's because of you I've been toying with the idea of hand-manipulated techniques; there's something I've been itching to do for almost two years and I never got around to, because it's fussy, but now I may have a good reason, and it turns out now there may be a perfect person to give it to for her 70th, via her daughter.


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