Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Website

Ben's been working on updating the URL of my new website, but it hasn't stabling, so the links to my website sometimes work and sometimes not. We are hoping the dust will settle in a couple of days, and we will make sure all the links are 'current'. Sorry.

You should have no problems reaching here, I hope; fingers, toes and eyes crossed!


  1. hi meg,

    the new website looks lovely!
    what will you be calling your etsy store?


  2. Oh... I have to have a name for that, too, Jo? Ummm... I think I'll get over this URL hump and making sure all the URLs are all current and correct (NOT looking forward to it) first... And then I'll think about it, but most probably MegWeaves Etsy Store... or similar?

    But if I keep peddling my stuff at the local galleries, I may not have many interesting things for Etsy! (No, my floor is still piled high with "stuff", I'm afraid...)


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