Clare Plug Collage Workshop

Today was Clare's workshop. The first thing we were told was, "Ignore all rules except this one." It wasn't the kind of collage workshop that required layers upon layers, necessarily. The work was more of cut and position, study and paste, and if you like, add layers, draw additional lines or frames, or hide some of what you've pasted.

Being the slowest student, cutting and pasting was all I got around to doing, but I must be getting used to these workshops because I was able to jump straight in without wasting time thinking. Or, it was a well-constructed workshop. Or Both.

Negative of one of my glass photos

Arranging vertical pieces: another of my glass photos.

I like that this looks like a composite of two guys, but it's really one man.

De-constructed/reconstructed chook and eggs, immediately after lunch, after Jo gave me some tips on how to prepare for the dye workshop.

The weaver wove badly. These two sheets are of the same glass photo, but one is the color negative and the other the B/W negative. The idea was to have one sheet where some areas have colors and others showing just the values, but I used strong two-sided tapes to secure one side, and since there is no give when weaving paper, the bottom sheet in particular became very warped. I shall try this again.

My table-mate Sharon and me. Thank you for this, Jo.

A big treat was the short talk at the end on how Clare designs, and we were shown some of her collage and scrapbook work.

It appears there will be a play group based on today's workshop, where we'll get together and just do some more collage on our own. I'm in!

Edit: with simpler lines, it is possible to make the two sheets fit almost one on top of the other, but not quite. After finishing this one, I realized, the two were not different versions of the same photo.

Whereas these are. With even simpler cuts, the sheets are almost the same size, with a lot less warping. And now that I've completed what I set out to do, it's boring. Next, please!


Cate Rose said...

Wow, I love all these, Meg. Especially the horizontal and vertical pieces. Very inspiring!

Meg said...

Thanks, Connie. Others like my strips, too. Maybe because of the colors? I got through only 1/3 of the worksheet. There lots more things to try.

Dianne said...

Amazing eye candy, love them.

Meg said...

It's kind of addictive - and she even told us of some other ways, quicker ways, to work while, for e.g. waiting for the kettle to boil or watching the telly.

Rose said...

Love the glass photos Meg! And the elegant surroundings. Where were you?

Meg said...

Melrose House, Rose. I always get confused between Melrose and Fairfield, but Jo Kinross is heavily involved with Melrose so a few textile things have happened there recently.

SueM said...

Sounds and looks like a fabulous workshop and how lucky are you to have a follow-up playgroup. I've been involved in a similar "follow-on from a workshop" gathering and we are still meeting monthly 9 years later!

Meg said...

It absolutely was. I wished we had follow on meetings, too. At least I have the notes, which are surprisingly simple, ad they never get old!