Gifts from Weavers

A wee sample of what you might receive if you go to Marlborough Weavers meetings in the summer...

And what Doni sent me from Italy; 60% Australian merino, 25% silk, 15% cashmere, in clear aqua blue and pale delicate silver. I am definitely going to plan something for myself with these lovely yarns. Thank you so much, Doni!

(See the shuttle she drew? Two ends of the yarn connect Doni and me. I love it!)


  1. Oh, lovely - both the veggies and the yarns! Spring is just around the corner here, but fresh, local vegetables are not, alas.

    And just so you know, I've sent Bety my images!

  2. Grrr......reat..... (Sorry, I had a peach in my mouth!) Look forward to spotting them over at hers, Lynn.

  3. Doni's yarns came in this bag... Or more accurately a bag containing this URL... Oh, no, no, no, more lovely yarn places!



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