Monday, March 1, 2010

Pics to Picks: Links TOC

The Big Reveal

Follow chronologically (start at the bottom):

Amanda Finishes 2010 on a High Note

Mad Meg

Meg's got no time

Meg is in panic and is resigned to the high probability the P2p scarf won't be finished in time

Shirley has picked the yarns

Shirley has picked
her pic

Meg in disharmony

Meg's playing 3D chess

Meg's warp candidates line up

Meg's right brain "procrastinates"

Dana has been thinking and sketching

Meg's trying to be reasonable

Rose is in her final stage

Meg's Left Hemisphere coaxes the Right

Yarns talking loudly to Rose

Esmae's story so far

Bety can't show us

Julia's final sketch

Lynn is not really...

Shirley shows us what she's got

Shirley loves a good challenge

Desirée reinvents the wheel

Things are changing for Amanda

Amanda gets started

Meg only sees dye patterns
and detours

Kaz has a warp on

Meg ponders whether the easy way out is a bad way

Bety is weaving

Bety starts planning

Kaz is thinking of bamboos

Meg's thinking how much influence to receive

Holly messing with worms!

Meg tried some collages
and photoshopping

gets... feathers! Desirée gets mail (but we have to wait until daylight to see what's in it!)

Meg's collage workshop (where she played with my glass pics)

Trapunto's baker's trio

Meg is shooting glass

Julia is inspired

Lynn receives gifts

Holly got mail

Meg's Start

Meg is mesmerized

Lynne does her bit

Rose gets mail

Julia gets mail

Kaz gets started

Meg sends mail

Meg starts thinking

Kaz is ready to go!

Follow the Weaver:

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Lynn's "Linnet Knits" posts labeled "P2P"

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"Pics to Picks Challenge 2010"

Desirée's "hemvä" posts tagged "Pics2Pics"

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Amanda's "Sampling" posts labeled "P2P"

Shirley Treasure at "Shirley Treasure"

Esmae's Room in the Big Gallery

Dana's "A Cat in My Lap" Posts labeld "Pics to Picks"

Meg's "Unravelling" posts tagged "Pics to Picks"

The Challenge Brief

The Big Gallery Flickr sets for this challenge has been deleted; some of the links were modified.

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