Helped hang the Changing Threads exhibition at the Refinery; it opens this Saturday. It's always good to experience an exhibition from the organizers' perspective to remind me of how it's done so I pack my pieces and include installation instructions that are easily understood. Increases the appreciation for people who organize exhibitions and/or hang them. But mostly, it's just great fun. And I got to handle the work because I had my own conservation/museum cotton gloves!

Learned a lot about the organizers' intentions and interpretations of Changing Threads and its awards, and was relieved to find I understood their brief exactly as they intended, but still have no idea how I can make fiber art to fit their brief.

Discovered another design class opportunity - this one is going to be so affordable, too!

Then rushed over to Blenheim for the Weavers' meeting. This year's project is garments, you know. I've never sewed fabric other than plain cotton, and it's nearly impossible to modify commercial patterns to fit my beer-barrel shape, so I think I'll plan something for Ben, who is a tad more "regular" in shape.

Had June McKenzie look over some of my warp end swatches to see if they are good enough to saw and they passed June's inspection. I might start by putting tiny handwoven pockets or replacing collars or cuffs on store-bought clothes. But if I am going to weave to sew, I would like to plan it so the garment looks - how shall I explain this - possible only because I wove the fabric. I think I mean weaving fabric where placement of colors and/or structural interest is integrated into the shape and design of the garment.

I think that's what I mean...

We got home at midnight tonight. On our way home, we ran over a dead seagull, saw a wild (?) pig cross the road, ran over a possum, (they are pests in New Zealand!), and watched a kitten cross the road. And no, I didn't keep the possum fur.

And when I got home, Ben told me I had received a package, from Italy! I will show them to you tomorrow.

I think I'm suffering from an acute case of ideas explosion in my head!

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