I like symmetry. My threading is often symmetric. But I was thinking about treadling, and they have been more varied.

Let's call one set of treadling A, and another, B, and if they both start from the top of the draft and go down, then a is A woven from the bottom up, and b, likewise.

I think the pattern we use most often is A-A-A until we get the desired length. I also like B-A-A-A-b, repeating A until the same. With drafts with longer treadle repeats, I have woven A-a-A-a, and like today, I have woven A-a-A several times before.

And this afternoon, I liked that my treadling was not symmetrical for this piece. Because instead of the interesting mirrored part being at the back, theoretically, if you just drape a scarf of a shawl with the halfway point at center-back, you get the interesting mirrored parts at the two sides of your face, around your shoulders!

I had a good day; I'm 2/3 done with this first piece.

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