When I first started to weave, I thought of textures and colors, (and they would be different nuances of navy blues mostly) when thinking up projects. I thought I'd be happy with a 4-shaft loom for the rest of my life as long as I could weave plain, twill and spot weaves.

Then I did a color course and I became afraid of using colors the wrong way so began to concentrate on color harmony, textures, and a bit of structure.

Then I did a design course and got my big loom and drafting software, so besides using the best feeling yarns, I started to rely on weave structures (=appearance of the cloth, in my mind) and called that designing.

Since Randy Darwall's workshop and looking at all of your pics, I've come back to thinking about colors a little, in addition to texture and structure.

Relearning about the supposedly familiar yarns made me think of designing. I dug up an old sheet I typed around 2003 and used to have on my stash room wall. I have a couple of amendments, but it still seems a good reminder.

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Meg said...

Today, I'd definitely add "wet finish" as a valuable took under "Handwoven has". I'm a bit puzzled by the terminology I used surrounding colors; perhaps it was when I was confused about hues, and really didn't understand intensity. That last one, I'm still not too sure.