Playing Around

Even though I edits photos almost daily, I don't use photo editing softwares as a design tool, even though many of the instructions and books recommended it.

So this is where I started today, and when you tweak it just a little bit, I have another favorite photo! You should try it, and if you don't have a photo editing software, try photocopying color photos black-and-white.

The original photo

Negative of the original


Negative of B&W

I was thrilled with this photo in the morning, but all day I've been mesmerized by the two negatives of this photo. Although I am not supposed to be thinking of weave structures at this point, I can definitely see fine lacy weaves.


  1. Ben just said the color negative is RGB-inverted of the original version - that's the light primaries - not the CMYK-inverted - that's the ink primaries, he thinks. I know this is going to come in useful sometime in my life!

  2. i can't wait to see the stories of all of these images translate to cloth! what joy.

  3. I know, I know!!! And their respective processes!


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