Sunday, March 21, 2010


Teacher Extraordinaire Bonnie Inouye said, "Play with the tie up; play with the treadling," and I'm getting quite a different expression, though I'll accept it may be same-old same-old to you.

Editing is the time consuming bit. But today I'm collaging.


  1. Collaging, I guess that doesn't mean cutting up a print out of that wonderful draft, sorting them into light medium and dark tones, and making a new picture from the bits? This is just what came into my head, I'm sure it means playing with coloured scraps.

    Have fun anyway!

  2. Doesn't it take forever! Just fiddling with colour and the different effects is time consuming. Have a great day.

  3. Dorothy, I like that idea. I wished I had thought of it before I went to the workshop. It would have been a wonderful idea!

    Dianne, up to this stage, no, it's very easy. It's the editing (checking every pick and every warp for floats) and making the different parts look cohesive, that's the part that takes a bit of time. And I'm usually so impatient because I want to start weaving.


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