Shooting Glass

We had a last minuted homework before Clare Plug's collage workshop tomorrow. I'll paste the instructions in case it's useful to my fellow Pics-to-Picks weavers.

"I am sending some suggestions for a pre-assignment that some of you may like to consider, but of course any/all of these are optional! But doing something from this list may help you make the very best use of this class time in relation to your own art making.

"1. Go on a photo shoot.
Take the equivalent of a roll of film worth of photos of just one thing that captures your interest. It may be an object, something abstract, a scene….something that catches your eye! Really get to know it. Print these out, either as standard sized photos or even better, as basic colour prints on A4 sheets just using your printer at home- you may then like to use these for the class.

"2. Visit an exhibition, ideally alone.
Spend time with each work, trying to get to ‘know’ it a little and try to defer judgment about whether you like it or not!

"3. Prepare some of your own ‘papers’ for the class. These can be prints of photos as in #1. above. Paper you paint yourself, in any way you like. Photocopies or photos printed of your own work (weaving, patchwork, stitchery whatever you do), or of the fabrics or materials you use."

Because I was amazed how much I liked the crudely treated photos of the one that didn't take my fancy straight away, I first set out to shoot the only baubles I have, old, small silver ones that got a bit cloudy over the years. Didn't work. No matter how I tried to reflect the colors of the flower pots, it showed my camera too prominently.

I assumed Lynne's bauble was glass, so I got out the only colorful glass object that came to mind, a Mexican recycle-glass wine glass, and with I had great fun. Clare said an equivalent of a roll of films, so, well, you know I got a few.

I find those photographs I like because of the colors are often boring in B/W; this must mean where colors are concerned, I must like photos relatively uniform in value. Ones I love when converted to B/W or even B/W negative, I often don't look at carefully in colors.

I still intend to work with all of Lynne's photos at this stage, but tomorrow I might concentrate on these.

OK, off to the opening of Changing Threads. I'm sure Refinery will update their website, soon, please???

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