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Last night a thought popped up in my mind regarding my Pics to Picks project. It's a project Lynne, who sent me the images, worked on a while ago, called "Mrss Mary Atkins-Holl". I'm not sure why this piece or where this story came from, because it's not my favorite; my favorite has always been "Candy. C" because it looks so different in light and dark. I do remember reading a story about Mary Atkins somewhere, (could be this post, but I can't remember,) and I connected that, for some reason, with this photo.

I'm unsure how much I want to connect my project with Lynne's work; granted it won't get too near because her thing is so different from mine, but part of me wants to keep my project, at least in the early stages, very much influenced by my interpretation of Lynne's aesthetics.

Meanwhile, I'm really enjoying following Kaz's thinking. What I find most interesting today is her interpretation of the bamboo slats. In Japan, and I understand in cultures where Chinese have migrated, bamboo are/were used in environments surrounding foods, because of their antiseptic characteristics. And because bamboo was so readily available, we used to make lots of cooking utinsils and containers. Our first drink bottles and lunch boxes were sections of bamboo, and our first plastic wrap, bamboo leaves. And so it would have been an easy choice use it to separate the kitchen section of a restaurant with bamboo slats. Not to mention the straight, geometric appearance of bamboo appeals to the Japanese aesthetics.

And have you had a good look at her mind map? I'm downloading the software as we speak.

I have to unpack and do laundry now but I'd like to keep thinking about these things.

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Kaz said...

I really like the reasoning of bamboo and food together and why as I didn't know that.
I am really interested in how we can all see such different things in the same photos. It is often based on our experiences and cultural history. I love that!