Thursday, April 1, 2010

Next Stop, Summer & Winter - Session 5

Ali was here. I showed her my collage collection, and we agreed to put these away for now and concentrate on the blocks. My main book, Doramay Keasbey's "Designing with Blocks" is, I think, a good book, but I pick up more information from visuals than from words, particularly with weaving, and I have such a hard time separating blocks from visual images of American coverlets, and because I'm naturally obsessed with symmetry, I wasn't getting anywhere. So we decided on a different approach: whilst I'll keep reading the book up to Chapter 7, (it's all about designing; Chapter 8 deals with different weave structures,) I'll read up on Summer and Winter weave, and start with small samples of 4 or 5 blocks. Directly on the loom, and with the weaving software.

Must get busy!

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