A Day's Labor

This morning, I woke up feeling exasperated at my being a "weaver" who doesn't weave, so I thought I'd work on a merino scarf.

I knew I had to finish editing a new draft, so I went looking for one I started editing, oh, a while ago. It was a longish draft, about 4200 picks. Don't ask, I don't plan these things, and I don't think I need this many picks to weave a 180-200cm-long scarf in this yarn combination. But I wasn't thinking. So by the time I finished editing the floats, and split the files, (my translator application only takes up to 999 picks per file, so anything longer need to be split up into multiple files,) I realized it was 4PM and I hadn't had breakfast! But fear not, I had a shower this morning and have not been in my PJs all day.

It looks OK, another one of these old, curvy jobs I like to weave. Too late to finish the piece today, but I think I'll get started.

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Meg said...

At one point, the draft started to look like a row of she-frogs wearing chastity belts awaiting dissection. And I was drinking only coffee; this is what skipping breakfast does, I suppose...